A Message from our Director

This communication aims to provide stakeholders a clear view of the changes and commitment to excellence in customer service...

A Proud History

MFYS has become a leading organisation in the Macarthur Region. We work to create stability from chaotic lives, and we strongly believe that giving support and opportunities to families will create safer, healthier and happier lives.

MFYS is a dynamic workplace big enough to provide significant services to the community, but we're small enough, agile and flexible enough to meet the changing demands of our community.

More importantly, MFYS provides free services and support to vulnerable children, youth and families that reside in the greater Macarthur region.

Our Vision

All children, young people and families in Macarthur are safe, resilient, healthy and happy.

Our Mission

We work with and empower families with children, and young people to build and sustain safe and healthy environments and support their personal, social and educational development so that they can achieve their full potential in society.


Our office is located on the land of the Dharawal Nation. We pay respects to all Aboriginal Elders, past and present, and to the children of today who are the elders of tomorrow.