These are the testimonials from our clients about our services our programs, and the positive impact our programs have had on their lives.

The behaviour and routine charts really helped in getting the kids to school on time.

Thank you MFYS for providing me assistance with Housing and linking me into speech therapy, it made such a difference to my son.

The programs being run in our school has helped the students with all facets of their learning.

I am a happier Mum and person since working with MFYS.

The emotional support provided during my NDIS application really helped.

My self-confidence has really improved since you provided me with parenting skills.

Your service acted above and beyond expectations in helping me get my daughter assessed and on to the right course of treatment.

Thanks for your assistance in getting my daughter into preschool. She is really coming out of her shell.

The emotional support provided to me recently was much appreciated.

The information you provided on the NDIS application really helped us to understand the process and made the application much easier.

The parenting skills I learnt have made me a stronger parent and have made me value myself more.

My stress levels have decreased significantly since you introduced me to the sewing course.

Thanks for teaching me how to prioritise and manage my day to day tasks.

My son listens more and argues less since I completed the parenting course.

I have more time to focus on my kids needs since learning how to manage my day.

Being a single dad is a lot easier since you helped me develop my parenting skills.

As a family we are spending more time together and listening to each other now that we have better time management.

The staff is great and everyone that I have had the pleasure of dealing with has been kind and helpful.

The school holiday activities are great and so is the Christmas party.

Getting legal and mental support for my immigration matter was very helpful. Helping me write a meal plan has helped me provide for my family better.

Setting boundaries has made my household less chaotic.

The relationship with my husband is much better because I’m not as angry and we communicate more.

Your service has brought out in me an inner strength I didn’t know I had.

I am now a stronger and wiser Mum thanks to your advice.

Our thanks goes out to the AGL Camden Gas Project Team for their grant of $5,000. Beginning on 4th June, we will be training four of our Caseworkers to facilitate the Circle of Security Program. This will enable more of our Caseworkers to teach families on how parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened. Thank you AGL for working with us to support families in the Macarthur area.