Families NSW

(Eligibility 0-8 years old)

Families NSW is underpinned by a substantial body of evidence that demonstrates the importance of the early years in a child’s development, and the long-term effectiveness of support provided to parents and children during these years. 

Caseworkers assist parents with children aged from 0 – eight years old through case management, to understand their child’s development and support them to develop confidence with parenting skills.

We can visit with you in the Community and/or, transport our families to and from community visits and appointments. We support our families and should they require additional supports we will assist you in locating appropriate services.

Busy Hands Support Playgroup

The Busy Hands Playgroups are delivered at Woodbine Neighbourhood Centre every Tuesday between 10am-12pm and the Yummy Café at Ambarvale every Wednesday between 9.30am-11.30am during the school term. Busy Hands offer’s free morning tea to the children, as well as plenty of educational and play based activities.

Busy Hands Playgroup offers a soft entry point to accessing support, opportunities for parents to share their experiences of parenting and allowing children to socialise, play and learn in a structured and positive environment.

The Busy Hands Playgroup is facilitated by a Families NSW Case Worker who is able to offer support and advice relating in particular to those children aged 0-five years old. Please call us and join in the fun, or simply drop in.