Child Youth and Family

(Eligibility 0-17 years old)

The Child Youth and Family program is an early intervention and placement prevention program aimed at reducing the likelihood of children and young people from entering or remaining in the child protection system.

The program delivers services to families and young people with children aged 0 to 11 years and youth work to clients aged 12 to 17 years.

The case work conducted with children 0 to 11 years is child focused ensuring the child’s health, safety and welfare is the priority during case management.

The youth work supports young people in their personal, social and educational development to help them reach their full potential in society.

We can provide you with ‘Assessment and Case-planning’, which is where we assess the strengths and needs of your family, as well as any potential safety issues or risks. We then plan and co-ordinate a range of services that can address these needs and risks for you, as well as monitoring them to ensure they are effective.

The program is designed to encourage behavioural improvement in individuals, who show signs of any identified concerns, or who exhibit risk factors or vulnerabilities; MFYS provides the resources and skills through case work to support and improve the situation. 

We can visit with you in the Community and/or, transport children and youth to and from a community visit.

The Child Youth and Family support service model seeks to deliver advice, support, parenting skills programs and activities that are evidence based, comprehensive, responsive and delivered in a timely way.